8 September 2017 Comments Off on Ways of Correcting Bad Posture

Ways of Correcting Bad Posture

Ordinarily, posture can be described as the manner of placement or carriage of a body part relative to other parts. So, bad Posture, in this context, means  the positioning of the body parts in a manner that is most inefficient for utilizing energy and balancing it with other parts of the body. Simply put; the joint and muscles are in the most compromising state.

Thus having a bad posture can be a dangerous thing, this is because, the muscle and joints imbalances as a result of poor positioning of some other part of the body can cause serious health implications such as, chronic back ache, neck and shoulder pain, headache, stiffness, fatigue deficient atrophy and weakness, nerve compression, digestion issues, blood circulation difficulty, among others.

Incorrect versus correct sitting posture

Today, we shall be learning some of the interesting ways of correcting your bad posture.

  1. Use a posture corrector brace. The first step to correcting your bad posture is to get a good posture corrector or support brace. This will help you to align your spine in a proper and healthy way. You can find more tips on posture correction with braces here.

So remember, your journey to improving posture should begin with a good posture support brace or corrector.

  1. Engage in posture correcting exercises/workouts. The second most efficient thing you need to do to correct your bad pasture is by engaging in some useful body exercises. These are to be done regularly to maintain a good posture. Examples of such exercises are; chin tuck, wall angle, doorway stretch, hip flexor stretch, the x, and v –moves, cobra pose, arching over physio ball among others.
  2. Adjust your workstation or work desk and gadgets. A lot of people really don’t consider it necessary to adjust every other working tools or gadget at the work place in improving their posture. To correct your bad pasture, you need to consider the height of your office table. Does your office table compliment your height? What about the chair cushion? Does it provide you with the right type of back support that you need? Or is your computer monitor or Television set adjusted to a position that is above your shoulder or eyes? Proffering right answer to these questions will help to fix bad posture associated with your workstation.
  3. Adjust your posture time-to-time. In whatever situation you find yourself; could be sleeping, driving, exercising eating, standing, etc. always strive to maintain a good posture. Even when you don’t have much influence on your sleeping position, you could still ensure that you sleep on a very firm bed or using a comfortable pillow, that is; pillow that isn’t too low or too high for your head and neck as you sleep.
  4. Take yoga classes. Undoubtedly, yoga is one of the most effective ways of correcting your bad posture. This is because it allows for efficient utilization of energy and also helps in improving the bad joints and muscles caused by bad posture habit.